📌 About the site

Welcome! For the last few years I’ve spent some of my free time looking into interesting ways to earn a little extra money online. These kinds of programs are often referred to as “beermoney” – ways to earn small amounts of money with little to no effort. There are loads of forums, subreddits and blogs dedicated to sharing beermoney sites, but I’ve always found that most of them either take way too long to actually earn anything, require loads of effort, or just don’t work for me at all.

With that in mind, I decided to start this personal site as a way to document my experiences and earnings with various beermoney sites to share with my friends. Don’t expect to get rich online by doing nothing, but feel free to try some of these out if you feel like it! With everything combined I usually make anywhere from an extra $50 to $200 in a month.

tl;dr I do a bunch of weird shit every month to earn a little extra money. Now you can do it too.